Jinhae Gunhangje, Biggest Flower Festival Sakura in Korea

Who is not fascinated by the beauty of Sakura’s flower? The color of the white or pink petals with a growing stalk to fill each branch of the tree can divert every sight. The blossoming moment that lasts only a week every year, makes Sakura’s flower an exclusive spring destination.

It’s not easy to predict when Sakura’s flowers will bloom every year. So does spring trip planning to get this rare moment. The cherry blossoms begin to bloom as the air temperature begins to warm up after the winter is over. In Korea, every region will be different. From south to north, the southern region around Busan will get the first cherry blossoms bloom from late March, while northern Seoul will certainly be slower around mid-April.

I planned a trip to Korea three months before departure, actually not accidentally to catch the moment of Sakura’s flower but because of the promo ticket of that time plane. Hehehe. After traveling around to collect information to make travel arrangements, I realized that my travel date coincided with spring. Spring is a season that is identical with Sakura’s flowers. Unfortunately my travel schedule in late March to early April is too early to see Sakura’s flower in Seoul. But fortunately still able to catch the Sakura Flower Festival in Jinhae.

The streets of Jinhae are full of Sakura trees that are in full bloom

About an hour’s bus ride from Busan, Jinhae is home to the South Korean Naval Academy. Jinhae is also famous as the ‘home’ for the biggest Sakura Flower Festival in Korea. The Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival takes place earlier than any other city festival, which is around early April because the air in Jinhae is relatively warmer than in Seoul. This year, the festival runs from April 1 to 10.

Jinhae is a district in Changwon city, Gyeongsangnam province, the south of Korea. I traveled one day from Seoul by fast train to Busan and continued by bus to Jinhae and vice versa. And I am grateful that my journey pays off with the beauty of thousands of cherry blossoms at the height of bloom. Even since arriving in Busan, Sakura’s flowers decorate the streets of the streets, along the bus journey to Jinhae. It is estimated there are about 340,000 cherries that adorn Jinhae.

The spectacular view of Sakura’s flower can be seen along the way, as far as the eye can see. Be a live umbrella or canopy while walking along the sidewalk of Jinhae. Flower petals that fall in the cool spring breeze make the atmosphere more romantic. Believe me, beautiful, cherry blossoms are everywhere!

I came to Jinhae on April 2, the day after the festival officially opened. Fortunately, it coincided with the blooming Sakura flower peak. Unfortunately, because the weekend is also a fitting number of visitors who are booming to make it difficult to find a spot to take pictures without crowds.

There are two most recommended places to see the beautiful Sakura tree line that is on the Yeojwacheon river and Gyeonghwa train station. The distance between them is quite far away, so I prefer to go to Yeojwacheon stream because it can be reached by walking from Jinhae bus terminal. If only enough time, I certainly would not miss both.

Culinary Festival

The Cherry Blossom Jinhae Festival is not only about enjoying the beautiful Sakura flower, but also enjoying the culinary variety of Korea. There are many food stands that sell Korean street food that is unfortunate.

Transport to Jinhae from Seoul

There are two transportation alternatives to get to Jinhae from Seoul, either for a one-day trip or who want to stop by Busan. All depends on travel time and budget allocation.

First, can use Bus Intercity to Jinhae depart from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal. Travel time is about 4 – 5 hours. Secondly, the fast train route KTX Seoul – Busan with travel time of 2, 5 hours and followed by bus from Seobu Bus Termi.


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